Holiday Lamppost Decorating

Read Before Signing-Up

We try to accommodate all requests, but we can’t guarantee all will be granted.  Some individuals will not get the location requested; it is logistically impossible.

The following areas of the village are extremely popular.  These areas are usually full by the morning we begin accepting requests.  We strongly recommend you choose another location if you sign up later.

  • All of Deer Park Avenue North of Simon Street

  • All of Main Street – in the business district

  • Fire Island Avenue

  • South Carll Avenue

  • Anywhere on Carll Avenue near St. Joseph’s Church and Village Hall

  • Bunger Surf Shop & Babylon Bean area

  • Gazebo Area

  • Trolley Line Road

  • All of Deer Park Avenue – in the business district

Parking Lots, Alleys and Walkways

Certain areas encompass parking lots, alleys, and walkways. Should these be the sole available poles for decorating, we’ll strive to provide notice. These poles are allocated later in the process. If you desire to decorate within these zones, please take note.  Your understanding is appreciated if you’re assigned one of these poles.

If the location of your pole is critical to you, we recommend you sign up as soon as possible. However, if you don’t get the exact location, please understand.  We try our best, but we can’t accommodate everyone.

Please do not sign up if you are unwilling to decorate any pole, regardless of the location.